Uber cabs in Manchester

Last night I took an ‘Uber’ cab for the first time in Manchester. It’s a whole new way of travelling in the world’s major cities.

I was introduced to Uber in Washington DC earlier this year, and decided to trial it out in my home city.

Uber is a network of taxis that you summon via your smartphone. You simply register your details, including a payment method which can be a debit/credit card or your paypal account. You request a taxi, and in real time the app will show you on your phone, who is driving your taxi (including photograph), the make and registration of your car will be, and most helpful of all, when the taxi is in real time. No more calling a cab company to be fobbed off with ‘he’s 2 minutes away’.

My cab arrived in precisely 3 minutes like the app said it would be, Michael was driving the cab, just as the photo said he would be, and off we went.

Upon reaching your destination, the driver (whilst you’re in the cab), ends the journey on his smartphone, it bills your chosen payment method without any cash changing hands, and you’re both on your way.

Because of the extremely low overheads, an Uber cab journey is significantly cheaper than a black cab ride and also cheaper than a licensed cab journey. The catch…. there isn’t one.

I’m a great believer and have faith in using modern technology, and Uber is a shining example of how we are moving forward and making life simpler.

Live in a major city? Download the app, register and next time you need to take a cab, take an Uber.

Register via this link for a signing up discount and away you go.



Author: Asa Elliott

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