Runphones review

Today I trialled a great piece of fitness kit called ‘Runphones’.

I’ve been jogging for a couple of years now, and one thing that is very important is listening to music to keep yourself motivated.

The basic idea of Runphones are small speakers embedded in a headband that connect to your phone or portable mp3 player whilst jogging.

Straight out of the box the Runphones are very easy to use. I am using a bluetooth enabled set. I charged them up with the enclosed USB wire and paired them with my iPhone in seconds. Very simple piece of kit to use. The headband comes in different sizes and colours to suit you, mine are a medium pair and fit around my head perfectly.

I set off on my jog using the runkeeper app which provides audio feedback throughout your workout and also allows you to play music at the same time.

Over a half an hour jog the Runphones did not slip and also did not lose connection with my phone at any time. It is a cold day today and the headband did keep my ears warm too which was a nice added bonus as nobody likes cold ears! You adjust the headband so that the speakers are directly over your ears providing a nice loud, clear sound.

Overall I would say the Runphones are a great addition to any runners kit. Too many times in the past I have caught my headphone wires in my arms and pulled them (quite painfully) out of my ears, also on occasion, I have caught the wire and dropped my phone too. This alone is a great reason to use the bluetooth enabled Runphones. The sound was great, my ears did not sting afterwards as they do when I use headphones, and also my head and ears were noticeably warmer throughout the cold morning jog.

Run phones are available to buy online here.

Author: Asa Elliott

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