Repeat Benidorm holidaymakers, new TV show needs YOU.

Hi everyone! I have been asked to spread the word for a possible new upcoming TV show. Have a quick read, and if you think you fit the bill, get in touch on the email address or telephone number provided below straight away!

True North Productions, an award-winning TV Production company based in Leeds, are developing a new idea for a series for a major broadcaster – it is in the very early stages, so at the moment they are researching and trying to speak to as many people as possible with the description below that they are looking for.

1 in 5 Brits have never been abroad, and 80% of Brits go back to the same destination over and over again. True North Productions are looking for two groups of people; some who have never been abroad in their whole life, who might not even own a passport – and others who have been on holiday but only ever go to the same country, stay in the same resort, at the same hotel and know the place like the back of their hand. Ideally, they are looking for someone who has only been to that one place, fell in love with it and are now on first name terms with all the local bar owners, entertainers etc.

Benidorm is one of the most popular destinations for British tourists, so is a great place to search for the people described above.

Is this you? If so, True North Productions would like to speak to as many people as possible, just to find out why they love a particular destination so much. The call would be very informal and there’s no obligation to progress further if they don’t wish to do so.

How to get in contact. Send a quick email to

or call Ilona Burton, on 07784893550.

Good luck!

Author: Asa Elliott

Singer. Mancunian. Been on TV a bit

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  1. Hi I go to the same hotel in Benidorm almost every year, occasionally other holiday destinations also but always back to the Benidorm staple as often as poss..

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  2. I have been goin to Benidorm for 18yrs or so five Times a year it is like home to me I no most of the people who work there

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  3. I know I could do alright on your show I’m 78 try me hope to be in benidorm soon

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  4. my wife and myself have been going for 25 years now about 3 times a year been to most hotels and appartments .seen a few changes but suppose its like marmite you love it or hate it the boys at work awe naw no beni again but you get value for money

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  5. also meant to say have been trying to find a young guy whos life I saved in Benidorm it was the 9th july 2011 at the luxmar appartments all I know was his name was phil from Manchester he was 28 then I brought him back with mouth to mouth he was in hospital for 2 weeks then returned home that’s the last I heard cheers any help in that department would make my year

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  6. i have been going to benidorm for the last 5 years,,, at least 2 or 3 times a year,,, i love everything about it,,, love the night life and partying!

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  7. I go to benidorm about 3 times a year on my own love it you are never on your own in benidorm

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  8. Been going to benidorm for the last 14 years. Don’t mind when we go winter or summer we just love to go.

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  9. Just love the place . Did always go to the canaries , but since I was introduced to benni , what more could I ask for

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  10. love bennidorm been going for 30 years

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  11. I have been going to the Canary Isles with my Husband and Son for over 20 years.
    It doesn’t matter whether you are on your own or not, you always know someone and you always know where to find them.

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