Lisbon (it’s in Portugal)

Lisbon was a destination I really looking forward to as I had never been to Portugal before. I didn’t know what to expect from this huge capital city. This was the 4th consecutive day we had docked in a new city and all the walking had taken its toll, some very tired legs. Portugese stuff

As soon as we walked off the boat there were representatives selling tickets for the ‘Hop on, hop off’ bus tours, perfect! I had also never been on one of these tours that you see in every major city these days. A day ticket was €18 that you can use on two different routes in this city. You are provided with earphones that plug in to your seat and enables a fully narrated tour of the city in whichever language you choose (I choose English, it was the easiest to understand). A great added bonus was the bus having free wifi! A chance to send a few photos home and ‘holiday-gloat’ on Facebook.

I am so glad we took this tour today as the city is huge. Far too much to see on foot and a definite destination you could spend a long weekend exploring the different quarters of the city. A city rich in history which struck me as quite like Paris, but on hills, with less French people.

It is the first time I’ve been to such a major city that didn’t have lots of construction work going on, almost a finished city with great infrastructure and a great relaxed atmosphere. View of Lisbon from the ship

There are beautiful monuments and statues all around the city plus fantastic views from the higher points. More than the other destinations I learned a lot about its interesting history and the buildings in this city.

View over Lisbon On the Lisbon fact sheet’s recommendation we stopped off in a small pastry shop and had a coffee and (on recommendation of the waiter) I tried a very sweet pineapple pastry. The Portuguese have a particularly sweet tooth and this was obvious around the city with shops all over the place selling a whole host of sweet sticky things that makes Greggs look almost like a health food shop.Portuguese coffee and pastry

Lisbon is a very modern city but keeps its fantastic architecture and integrity. Lots of beautiful buildings plus every international brand from Louis Vuitton to Hard Rock Cafe. Being a major world city you do have to keep your wits about you a little with the usual beggars and unsavoury folk all wanting a few of your hard earned euros. Nothing to be alarmed about, if you’ve survived Barcelona you’ll be just fine here.

Lisbon SquareThere is a lot to see in Lisbon and probably too much for one day. I’d have liked to have explored more of this great city and been able to try more of its food and visited some of the museums we passed on the tour. A city I am sure I will be back to see on a city break in the future.

This was to be the last destination on our cruise and during the sail-away we passed under the 25 de Abril bridge with the captain scaring the living daylights out of us blasting on the ship’s horns, view the video by clicking here. I loved seeing Christ The King statue, an image i’ll always remember Lisbon by and will think of each time I see Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer.

So that was the last destination on my cruise holiday! 2 more days at sea through the lovely Bay Of Biscay and back to dry land in Southampton. 2 relaxing days spent in the gym, in the ship’s cinema and enjoying the entertainment. You pack so much in to a cruise holiday and take home so many different memories. All I can say is, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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Lisbon sailaway

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