iPhone memory almost full? Try this simple trick

A quick and simple way to free up space on your iPhone.

All too often I get a notification on my iPhone saying I’m almost out of space. Here is a simple and quick way to clear tons of room on your iPhone. iPhone storage full

First of all click on

Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage

This gives you a breakdown of the space, apps are using on your phone. You will notice that some apps use up a ridiculous amount to space. When you use an app like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram… they load photos and videos on your phone and even when you’ve finished viewing them, it keeps them in their ‘cache’ incase you want to look at them again.

iPhone Storage


All you have to do is delete the app off the phone by holding your finger down on the icon until it starts to wobble, then click the ‘x’ that appears in to the top left of the icon, make a note of which apps you’ve deleted and then re-download them from the app store. This clears all the cache of photos and videos that are clogging up your phone inside that app.

In 2 minutes, simply by deleting and reinstalling Facebook, Twitter and Vine, I gave myself 1.1GB of extra space on my phone.

I do this about once a month to save space, it also makes your phone quicker loading apps too. You won’t notice any difference when using the apps again either.

iPhone saved space

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