Cheapest network to use your mobile in Spain

As you may know, I travel a lot and spend a lot of time in Spain.

One of the biggest outgoings when abroad can be staying in touch with home. A few years ago when I bought my first iPhone, I racked up a bill £250 by simply making a few calls and putting some photos on Facebook. How times have changed!

Last year I changed networks to THREE. For me, they have the greatest phone deal known to man when using your phone in selected countries. From 1st April this year, you can use your phone in Spain for no extra cost! Not a sausage.

Text as you land

Three have a scheme called ‘Feel At Home’ where you can use your phone in 18 selected countries (as of 08/06/2015) around the world at no extra charge. Not just any old countries though, countries you’d actually visit and use your phone. Most notably is Spain, the most popular destinations for Brits abroad. Also France, America, Australia and many more.

I thought there would be a catch… there always is… there isn’t. I’ve been using my mobile the same as I would at home for the past 2 months and not been billed one pence more. I even received a text to say I’d saved £3496.04 in the space of a month by using Three.


A couple of pointers. If you live abroad permanently there are a few T&Cs you may need to look at. If you use your phone abroad without returning to the UK for 3 months then you may be cut off. Also, with unlimited data tariffs you get a limit of 25GB a month (you would never use this). Tethering is not allowed abroad and 4G currently available in Spain. Internet speeds are a lot slower than in the UK but that’s Spain for you…

If you’re currently on a different network and want to move over to Three, it’s an extremely simple process to keep your mobile number. Three will guide you through this at every step.

Give THREE a look, I’m mightily impressed!

Author: Asa Elliott

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