Apple Watch Sport review. First 24 hours.

I made the decision to buy the Apple watch a few weeks back. I need a watch and I have the full range of apple gadgets, so the logical thing to do was buy the Apple watch.

I went along to the Apple Store in Boston Massachusetts to make my purchase. I waited until I was in the states rather than the UK or Spain because of quite a price difference (£70 cheaper in America).

There are three different types of watch available, the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. By far the cheapest version is the Apple Watch Sport. Money is saved with the rubber strap and material of the watch shell. All 3 watch types do the exact same function and are exactly same inside, all you’re paying for is different materials and types of strap. I opted for the sport which I think looks a lot more expensive than the price it costs.

There are two sizes of watch to choose from, the 38mm and 42mm. Before seeing a watch close hand, I presumed the smaller was for women and the larger for men. After trying both on, it wasn’t such an easy choice. The 38mm watch face actually looked more fitting for my wrist but of course the bigger 42mm had a larger face to read the screen. Apple watch and box

I almost opted for the 38mm as it is more discreet and does look a good watch size, plus it is cheaper, but I knew I’d regret the decision later when I come to using the watch more and having to squint at the screen.

The purchase was made and I was taken upstairs in the Apple Store to setup my new watch with one of their in store geeks. My watch had over 50% charge straight out of the box which means it can be setup and used straight away.

Setup initially did take a little longer than I though it would. You pair the watch with your phone and all the apps you have that are compatible with the watch, sync with it and transfer app data via Bluetooth. I have a lot of apps and this did take about half an hour. It’s only a one time setup though so that’s bearable.

You select which wrist you wear your watch and can also put a passcode on it. The passcode is required every time you remove your watch from your wrist to provide a basic layer of security.

You receive two different sized straps in the box so there’s no need to worry about the watch fitting your wrist.

The Apple geek walked me through a few basics of the watch which is quite self explanatory. I have used Apple products for years now so I decided to strap the watch on and hit the road with no further guidance.

My main reason for wanting an Apple Watch above all others was to reduce the amount of times you have to take your phone out of your pocket each day. I’d read in reviews that this was the most noticeable thing that changes in your day to day life. I’m very conscious how irritating it can be for other people who are in your company and are never off your phone, I didn’t want to be one of those people… Anymore.

Walking around I wanted to try the watch out and see what it could do immediately. I was waiting for it to do something. I managed to dictate a text message to my dad which worked really well straight away. The same as using Siri on your iPhone, you press down the main button and tell it what it should do. I was very excited to receive a text back and simply look down at my wrist to read it. Very very simple process.

Watch on wristNext I made a call. Again, you use the Siri function and just shout out and tell it who you want to call. I struggled to hear the voice coming from the other end but I was in a built up area with lots of traffic and noise, I don’t know if this is a function I will use much, time will tell.

Something you have to get used to is the ‘hard press’. The screen can tell the difference between a tap and a press and will have different uses for both. You really shove your finger on to the screen to do a hard press. This is function is used to change the clock face.

A great feature is that the watch is waterproof. The guy in the Apple Store explained you can be in the water up to 1 metre in depth for half an hour. I still don’t know if I would risk this or showering in it but it is built to withstand a lot more water exposure than I expected.

In the first 24 hours with my watch I went to the gym and had my watch on the whole time. The fitness tracking capabilities of the watch are something I’m very excited to use. I couldn’t really figure out straight away what I was supposed to do with the watch during a workout to use its functions, hopefully over the coming weeks it’ll become apparent.

Charging is simple. You receive a really long wire that looks like a stethoscope which is the usual USB cable and a plug socket to use it with. The watch sits nicely on this and starts charging without the need to plug it in to anything or fiddle about too much. The cable is really long too so no need to put your watch near the floor and risk being stood on.

I used the maps function too on my first day. You can plan where you need to navigate to either on your watch or phone and you then have your route displayed to you on your wrist. I walk a lot and explore new cities and it’s a lot more discreet than walking with your phone out in front of you. You can also navigate without looking at your watch. When you’re approaching a junction where you need to change direction, the watch has 2 different tapping patterns which alerts you to go left or right without looking at anything. I’m excited about this function and I think after some getting used to, this will make navigating a new city really really easy.

The only negative in the first 24 hours of use is the lack of Whatsapp compatibility. You do receive notifications on your watch and can read messages but not reply straight from the watch. I hope this is something that is integrated in future updates.

I’m looking forward to learning about other watch functions and seeing how it works in the real world. At the moment it’s on my wrist and looking very cool, let’s see how I feel after the first week.

Author: Asa Elliott

Singer. Mancunian. Been on TV a bit

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