A day docked in Malaga

The second stop on my P&O Oriana cruise was Malaga. We docked early today, when I woke up we were already in port and ready for disembarkation. I could get used to waking up with a new destination to explore each day.

It is a very easy process exiting the ship. You are directed to which part of the ship the gangways are located, you then have your cruise card scanned which keeps a register of who is onboard and ashore, and then you simply walk through the cruise terminal and off to wherever you fancy. Malaga

In the cabin when you board there is an information pack including literature on all the locations you will visit. This morning I had a flick through the Malaga factsheet and saw we were quite close to Fuengirola where I used to holiday as a kid. It was decided that as well as exploring Malaga, a little trip down the coast was in order to retrace some old steps.

A tourist information guide in the cruise terminal provided us with a map and the location of the train station and off we went. We walk around 40 minutes to the station which was really easy to find. A return ticket to Fuengirola cost €7.20 and the journey took approximately 35 minutes.

FuengirolaThe tram to Fuengirola passes Benalmadena and also Torremolinos, other popular British holiday destinations you may also want to stop off at and visit.

Fuengirola is quite Benidorm-esque with its English bars, souvenir shops and long promenade along a beautiful beach. A great place to spend a few hours sat in the sunshine or walking along the golden sands.

A few hours spent retracing old holiday memories and it was back on the train to explore Malaga. In and around the train station are two big shopping centres with all the big Spanish chain stores, a huge Primark, plus a huge food court. Great for picking up any bits you may have forgotten to pack, or maybe a new outfit for one of the formal nights on the boat. The train station and shopping areas were very modern in contrast to the old buildings and sights of historic Malaga.Malaga Roman Ruins

With the sun shining we walked through the beautiful tree lined streets to the main central landmarks of Malaga, all very close to the dock. The Roman ruins and outdoor theatre was great to see and have a walk around. All of the main landmarks in the centre of town are immaculately preserved and extremely picturesque. You get a great vantage point when you walk up above the Roman ruins and look out to the sea and port.View of Malaga

A stones throw from where the ship docked was Malagueta beach, a long stretch of sandy beach packed full of sunbathing tourists and locals, a great place to spend an hour soaking up some Spanish sunshine and right next to the port if you didn’t fancy venturing out too far in your day. After walking for 14 miles yesterday in Gibraltar, a relaxing day on the beach would have been just nice… instead we walked 12 miles, nice relaxing holiday eh!

Malaga was one of those places that I wouldn’t have thought of visiting prior to this cruise. After this stop and realising there are so many big cities close that I also wanted to visit, I would definitely choose Malaga as a future holiday destination with lots to do and places to see, a really beautiful part of Spain.

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Exiting Malaga


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