13 things all Man City fans understand

1. Waving a giant inflatable banana around is completely normal.

2. Shaun Goater is the greatest striker who has ever lived.

3. The DJ in Mary D’s rivals Judge Jules.

4. Edin Dzeko is actually rubbish.

5. David Moyes is a football genius.

6. That awkward moment when you’re doing the Poznan with your arms around the compete stranger next to you.

7. Legging it through the turnstiles on a junior ticket before the steward sees you.

8. Yes, we know you’re smoking in the toilet cubicles

9. Never knowing if you’re coming back to a parking ticket on your car near Beswick market.

10. We’re not really here.

11. Being 3 up and still convinced we’re going to lose.

12. Having a picture of you on the pitch from the 2012 pitch invasion as your Facebook picture.

13. Your PIN number is 9320

Author: Asa Elliott

Singer. Mancunian. Been on TV a bit

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