11 things guys really want for Christmas

1. Scalextric. Seriously, why do little kids get all the good stuff?


2. Beer. We love beer. We love free beer even more.


3. Chocolate. See number 2.


4. Underwear. If you don’t replace them, nobody will.


5. Razors. Have you seen how expensive they are!?


6. A Leatherman. Google it, you’ll see why we want one.


7. Anything to do with our favourite football team. Anything.


8. Something remote controlled. Remote controlled stuff is a surefire winner (don’t forget the batteries).


9. A NERF gun. Plus, buy yourself one too. May battle commence.


10. A driving experience day. Who doesn’t want to drive a Ferrari?


11. A calendar. Not just any calendar. Michelle Keegan’s calendar.

Author: Asa Elliott

Singer. Mancunian. Been on TV a bit

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  1. You forgot number 12 – the Asa Elliott CD!

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